Dầu turbine Total Preslia GT 32

Total Preslia GT  oils are: specially designed for the lubrication (bearings, gear boxes) and control circuit of steam and gas turbines, turbines submitted to high thermal stress, suitable for turbine coupled gears lubrication.

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Package: 208 liters/drum


High performance long life gas turbine oils for severe applications


  • High temperature turbomachines gears
  • Regualtion systems
Total Preslia GT oils are:
– specially designed for the lubrication (bearings, gear boxes) and control circuit of steam and gas turbines.
– turbines submitted to high thermal stress.
– suitable for turbine coupled gears lubrication.


  • International standards
  • OEM’s
 Depending on their viscosity grade, Total Preslia GT oils meet the requirements of the
following classifications and specifications :
– ALSTOM HTGD 90117 (formerly NBA P 50001A)
– GENERAL ELECTRIC GEK 27070, GEK 28143B, GEK 46506E, GEK 32568F,
GEK 107395A, GEK 101941A
– MAN ENERGIE ME-TTS 001/18/92
– MAN Turbo SPD 10000494596
– SIEMENS TLV 901304, TLV 901305
– SOLAR ES 9-224 W Class II.


  • Long oil drain intervals on high temperatures gas turbines
  • Simplified maintenance and storage
  • High antiwear protection
  • Thanks to their high performance base stocks, Total Preslia GT have extra high thermal stability and oxidation resistances.
  • Their outstanding formulation meets the specifications of both steam and gas turbines, which makes it and ideal product choice for the lubrication of single shaft combined cycle machines.
  • The anti-wear level allows the lubrication of turbines with the most severely loaded gear boxes






Total Preslia GT
32 46
Density at 15 °C ISO 3675 kg/m3 841 851
Viscosity at 40 °C ISO 3104 mm2/s 32  46
Viscosity at 100 °C ISO 3104 mm2/s 5.9 7
Flash point Open Cup ISO 2592 °C 225 230
Pour point ISO 3016 °C – 15 – 15
Demulsibility ISO 6614 min 8  10

Bao bì: Phuy 208 lít

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